Upset about SurroundBAR 360 ISSUES

So,,, Several years ago, I purchased a SurroundBAR 360 DVD Theater system (Receiver, Soundbar, and Sub-woofer). I loved it for like a month. The DVD player started going crazy and wouldn't eject discs. I called tech support in California and they sent me a new receiver and I returned the old one. same thing happened 2 more times....... So that makes a total of 4 receivers I've had issues with over the course of a year and a half. The last one is still sitting here and won't even come on. I love the sound bar and the $1,100 powered sub-woofer. However, Polk has left me with a really bad taste in my mouth about this receiver. I spent a lot of money on this system because of the reputation Polk has, but I'm left wanting.... My last contact with The Polk techs in California was" We can't help you anymore sir, have a nice day".......... What resolution can I get? Will Polk replace this receiver with something that works? I need answers...!


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    That first came out in 2008 and was discontinued years ago, so Polk is likely out of any spare parts/units. Audio manufacturers are not required to carry spare parts for 10 years like automobile manufacturers are.
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    I wasn't looking for any parts as I'm not a tech. I just want to know if they will help in any way. If they looked in their records they would see that I bought one and they sent me 3 replacements. (none of which lasted more than 3 months) Whats compatible with this unusual plug as I still have my soundbar and sub. From your reply, it sounds like they won't do anything. If that's the case then it's sad at best.
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    How about,,, (Mr. Miller, thank you for your purchase of our expensive system. We are sorry for your inconveniences. That series has been discontinued as we had too many issues with it. Having gone through 4 of them, We will definitely provide you with a replacement from our current line. It has and always been Polk's mission to provide the best in it's systems. Our customers are how we survive and are the most important to us. We will provide you with a case # and look forward to speaking with you to resolve this issue)...........
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    who is Alma Garcia???
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    She's the forum moderator and she can have customer service contact you via the email address that you used to sign up. Ping @AlmaGarcia