HTS 10 No Sound!

Hi, I have recently purchased an HTS 10 from Best Buy due to my old subwoofer having issues but my new HTS does not work either, the light on the back changes colour from red to green when I play music but no sound. I tried connecting it with multiple different lfe and analog cables.


  • F1nut
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    Did you flip the switch on the back to "Auto" and did you turn the volume knob on the back to something greater than zero?
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    Indeed, still no luck, it was a refurbished model so maybe that might be the issue it won't work.
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    A way to test whether the sub is working or not is to turn down the sub's volume control and remove the sub cable from your receiver. Then use any high level audio source component, such as a CD/DVD player and connect the audio outputs of it directly to the sub via the cable. Then start playing a CD and slowly turn up the sub's volume and you should begin hearing bass. If not then try using another cable just in case it's the problem.
  • polrbehr
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    Did the sub ever work since you bought it? It's seems more like an issue with the gear you're hooking it up to. Unless Best Buys' definition of "refurbished" is a good wipe down with a microfiber cloth, it should at least produce some sound; if not, bring it back to them.
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