Setup of Eosone RFS 1000

I have a pair of Eosone RFS 1000 Speakers. They have in each speaker a pair of 10" subs (one powered by the internal 120w amp and one passive, powered by external amplification). They have 2 6.5" mid firing forward and the other on the rear firing rearward. There is also 1 4" front facing mid. And a pair of 1" facing each way.

I cannot get the pair of 10" subs to work on either of the speakers. The mid drivers work along with the tweeters. The speakers did not come with an owners manual so not sure if i have this powered correctly.

In the back of each speaker there are switches for either to have the input as a speaker or processor. To the right of this there is either a input or output with the word processor above this. Then to the right of that is the volume control and frequency.

The speakers wires are attached to the bottom from the amp, with a gold metal connector from the top set to the bottom. Each speaker has a power cord for the amp that needs to be plugged in.

I've tried two configurations with running the sub output from my Sony STR-DN1000 to a two way splitter. Each then connected to the input in speaker mode. I've also tried running one wire from the sony output to one speaker to the input as the processor, and then from the same speaker going from the output from the speaker to the input of the other speaker with that speaker in speaker mode.

In any even I'm not able to get either the subs passive or powered working in both speakers. Looking for help to see if the setup is correct of if I need to make a change in my Sony settings.


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    I believe both of the 10" woofers were powered by the built in amplifier. If the binding post jumper plates are left connecting the upper and lower set of binding posts then the speaker level input would provide the incoming signal (the selector would be in the "speaker" position). If the binding posts jumpers were removed and the selector placed in the "processor" position then a line level signal would provide the input.
    If you've tried these connections and there's no output from the woofers then the two amplifiers are probably not functioning.
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    I'll check the input selector to see if both are in speaker mode as the binding posts jumper plates are there on the speaker.