Debating a Saga+ preamp

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I don't really want to mess with tubes at the moment, which somewhat pushes me away from the Freya, but I have the itch to try the Saga+ with the DNA-1 as we're only talking 1 tube.

My RLD-1 pre while sounds great, being stock I know there's more to try.

Not going to ditch the RLD-1 for now, but just want to explore options.

Curious if anyone has paired this with a McCormack amp.


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    FWIW they also make a non-tubed version of the Freya now:

    What is your budget?
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    Well, I was looking for a DAC initially, didn't want to go over 1K, 1500 is a stretch. Mainly since I'm curious if and when PSA may come out with somerhing new as they have something in the works and could result in a flood of the classifieds with other gear.

    Then during that search I changed gears towards a preamp, and the Schiit offerings have a following. Thought about maybe a yggdrasil + Saga+ or maybe a Freya.

    The Saga+ @ $400 is attractive enough that I would like to give it a shot. Naturally the Freya isn't far off either.
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    I would suggest giving the non-tubed Saga S a try. IIRC the measurements of the Saga+ with tube engaged don't meaningfully change anything. I also had the original Saga with the tube and I could never tell a difference between having the tube engaged or disengaged.

    So if you are tube curious, I am not sure it is a great choice. I also personally don't feel that the Schiit audio quality is anything to write home about, in my experience. There's a reason their products are priced the way they are. Their performance is generally aligned with the prices.

    Since you're currently using the RLD-1 with the DNA-1, I would think that there's naturally some good synergy there. What exactly are you looking to change/improve by trying a different preamp? Are you striving for more neutrality/transparency or more coloration?
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    There is synergy, which is why I was looking into a DAC initially. I have a fair amount of transparency, but for lack of better terms there could be more focus in the midrange as well as weight. The treble while somewhat open, could also use a bit more control and extension.

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    What DAC are you currently using?
  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 7,973
    @gmcman don't leave me hanging bro! :D
  • gmcmangmcman Posts: 1,560
    Clipdat wrote: »
    @gmcman don't leave me hanging bro! :D

    Oh man, sorry, currently using a Marantz SA8005 as player/DAC. The 8005 does very well, but curious as to possible upgrade options.

    I plan to keep the 8005 for awhile, might move it into another system.
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