AVR Front "Height" and "Wide" Settings

Vette C6.rVette C6.r Posts: 1,539
Hey guys,

I have an older Marantz SR7005 (cira 2010 - HDMI Inputs) . I have it running my 7.2 system.

The receiver is capable or running Front Height and Wide speakers. It is my understanding that it was an early form of the Dolby Atmos prior to it's unveiling.

I believe those two setting will be matrix ed from existing channels so not sure how effective the use of them would be on an "older" AVR.

I also realize that since it is an older AVR it will be unable to correctly de-code Dolby Atmos or DTS-X.

Wondering if anyone has used this setting - set-up with any success prior to upgrading to the 4K receiver.

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