Can I swap the tweeter and the midrange port on my RTi series?

I have a pair of RTi-A7’s as my front speakers.
My CSi-A6 is placed under my TV making the tweeter about 12” lower than the tweeters on my fronts.

This is especially noticeable when using the test tone feature on my receiver; the sound noticeably jumps much higher when moving from my center to the fronts.

I’ve noticed that the piece containing the hole for the midrange port, is the same size and shape and the tweeter housing. Swapping these would bring the tweeter down closer to ear level and almost exactly in line with the tweeter on my center.

Is there any reason why I should stop being picky and try to ignore this problem? I’m confident I can complete the swap unless there’s an unforeseen problem I’ll encounter inside the cabinet.

What do you think? Should I leave it alone?


  • ambiophonicsambiophonics Posts: 688
    Isn't that center intended to work in two orientations? If flipped the other way won't the tweeter be on top and the box will be angled upwards which might help even more?
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  • SteverfhSteverfh Posts: 3
    Yes it is. But that then the tweeter would be even lower making a bigger difference between the center and front speakers tweeter heights. It will also cause the center to be angle way above the listening position.
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 44,510
    As I stated in your other thread, you have to adjust the channel levels using the calibration program in your AVR.
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  • polrbehrpolrbehr Posts: 2,573
    I have almost the same setup, only I use RTi10 as L & R, and a S35 center, which is placed on the glass shelf the TV sits on, making it lower than the RTi10s. But I never noticed any real difference in sound between the 3, but that could be because the distance I sit from the TV is at least 12' away, and that's how I calibrated it.

    I would do as @F1nut suggests before making alterations to your speakers.
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