So, I've been tinkering again to keep from getting bored.

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It seems that I put just about every driver I had lying around inside those Tannoy studio monitor cabs that I bought last year...................but one.
I decided that since my KEF Q10's were coaxial in design (like the Tannoys) , why not try them in there ?
The KEF's sounded so good stock, that I hadn't considered messing with a good thing.
It was a shoe in fit and the results were better than I could've hope for !
These are now my all time favorite speakers.
They look like they were designed this way and the tightness of the bass coming out of those twin ports just floors me !
For jollies, I swapped my Dayton full range's into the Q10 cabs and I'm just going to save them for back-ups.
Anyway, that's my latest project.



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