LsiM707 and Emotiva DR amp

Anyone else using the Emotiva DR amps with their LsiM707's? I've noticed an improvement over the standard XPA amp, and I'm still only using a Denon x4200 as pre amp for the next couple of weeks. Anyone else have experience with this?


  • jeremymarcinkojeremymarcinko Posts: 3,561
    I had the 2nd generation 600wpc XPA-1 monoblocks with the 60w Class A and the XSP-1 preamp on the LSIM 705s for a couple years. Contrary to common experience with Emotiva around here, of Emotiva gear bring a little too bright, I found the pairing to be a little too laid back for my taste. My two channel space at the time was however heavily damped with thick carpeting sofas and drapes. In any case the low end was so good clean and powerful with those big amps. A little more sparkle on top to add a better sense of space and it would have been so much sweeter.

    My favorite pairing with the 705s thus far, I’ve had within my typical very modest audio budget, would be the Yamaha A-S801. That integrated was oh so sweet with the LSIMs.

    I’m glad to hear you like the DR series over the the first couple generations of XPAs. I personally wondered if/how Emotiva moving to the more cost effective route of a modular amp design would impact sound quality.

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    I do like my XPA3G3 with the 705's. Very nice amp that worked great with my S60's too.
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    I was running an XPA2 G3 on the 707's, sounded very nice. I just added a DR3 and I run that on the 707's and 706c. Improvement for sure. Found a bad tweeter on day one though lol. Everything is good sense. The DR is cleaner, more dynamic, maybe has more pop/sparkle, but also warmer I feel.
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