Totem Rainmaker Speakers

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I am going to say decent condition....maybe a 6 cosmetically but fully functional. Audiogon has a pair of "9" condition for 650 plus shipping.
My pair are 400 plus actual shipping via PP Friend option. I do NOT have the boxes but will come up with something bomb proof. My zip is 30263.
Pics coming soon...


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    Great speakers here folks. I have had mine for 14 years now. $400 is a steal!
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    Here are pics and some notes:
    I took pics of the binding posts up close to note they are a bit "gnarly"....not sure what the previous owner did to them. Also, I took one of the side pics with the flash to show the light scuffing on the side. I like the Totem sound so much I am moving up the line a bit. These are great with a sub and image to hell and back.
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    Well the awesome Vanilla software put my pics in a random order....which is great. Here are pics of the grills, which I never used because I dont own cats or young children.
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    You can still go back in and reorder the pics. I always have to so that...

    This is sooo tempting! I’ve never heard totem before...
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    Looks like the previous owner used an old pair of Channel-Locks on those binding posts. Overall, they’re not in bad shape.
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    Here is the scoop....I have one other person first in line-I just need to come up w rough shipping quote. If you are interested PM me your address and Ill do same for you.
    I am close to seizing the new to me Totems but have to call the guy here soon. Thank...
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    Great photos . GLWYS. D
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    These are sold
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