RIP Carver...hello Outlaw

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Yeah, my trusty vintage Carver m1.5t amp has finally gone to Audio Heaven. About 2 months back I noticed a loud buzzing sound coming from the home theater and sure enough, it was the Carver Amp. Back in the late summer I was having some issues where it was clipping and going into protection mode seemingly very easy, too easy in fact. Thats when I figured maybe it wasn't getting enough juice from the single 15amp line that my entire HT was plugged into. Then I splurged for a couple dedicated 20amp outlets, but it had no effect. Fast forward to it's sad demise.

I toyed around with sending it to Carver Audio Repair to have the entire works done to it, but I was looking at over $700 total (shipping back and forth in there) with a 1 yr warranty on it. I shopped around and evaluated a lot of options. The Carver was running into the preamp outs on the HT receiver to power the Polk LSi25's since the receiver can't handle 4ohm loads.

You guessed it, I researched the Outlaw M2200 monoblocks and took advantage of the 3 amp deal for $800. These 3 amps will take care of the LCR in the HT providing more than enough juice in the front soundstage. The receiver will take care of the 4 rear channels.

This made the most sense to me, based on cost, warranty and performance. The carver was powering LR, but now I have external amplification for the center as well as the LSi25's.

As of this writing, the Outlaws should arrive on Monday 3/23.


No excuses!


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    That should work great for HT. I had the Outlaw 1070 a while back and it was the best sounding AVR I ever had. I still think of trying an M2200 for my center channel. Let us know how it works out.

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    So what's to come of the Carver?
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    FestYboy wrote: »
    So what's to come of the Carver?

    John will probably curl up next to it in bed.
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    F1nut wrote: »
    FestYboy wrote: »
    So what's to come of the Carver?

    John will probably curl up next to it in bed.

    Probably? You underestimate me sir! Remove that word from your sentence!

    I have no interest in spending the money or time to resurrect the Carver. When the current situation in this country is over (or calmed enough), I may very well gift (for packing and shipping costs only) it to someone on this forum in hopes that they may want to perform some voodoo resurrection spell on it. I know this is nothing new being said, but the Carver is a fantastic amp and quite legendary in the audio world when operating at 100%. It served me very well for a very long time.

    I'll chime in when the Outlaws are in place and doing their thing.

    No excuses!
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    I've been known to practice voodoo every now and again...
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