Polk Audio RTi-A9 Shipping Box

The shipping box for the A9s are big..
To much space required to store/save them..
A waste to cut them up and recycle them.

If you are making a sound room, and, buy big towers,
Use the boxes to make (DIY) your own Conner Room Acoustic Treatment.
See if they work for your room.
Sorry if this is not relevant..
Might help your Speaker "Set-Up".. :)
So, I Posted, here.. :)


  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 44,060
    You can open both ends, then flatten the boxes for easy storage.
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  • McInPolkMcInPolk Posts: 54
    F1, you the best!!! :)<3
    Reminds me of that story about the big truck that got "stuck" trying to go thru the low underpass... The emergency crew was thinking of how to get the top clearance to pass under.
    Then, the boy said , "Why don't you let some air out of the tires?... :D

    AtonT. o:)
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