Repair for Polk stands


What’s best for getting the vinyl back down on the base to these Polk stands? Anybody? Thanks.
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    I'd try contact cement.
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    stevep wrote: »
    I'd try contact cement.

    Yep apply to both parts let dry and push together. You get one try to get it right good luck :)
  • Superglue?
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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 16,718

    no it will fail.
  • Thanks for the contact cement suggestions.
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    I've used wood glue on some veneers. Both real wood and vinyl. Only trouble is that You have to set it on its side and put weight on it. Not too big a deal, but kinda annoying for something thin like that.

    Next time I'll try contact cement. :)

    Good luck with the repair!
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  • Went to the hardware store today and finally remembered to grab some contact cement. Made the repair and it appears to have worked nicely.
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