What make/model Portable Handheld Audio Recorder do most of the Audio guys use?

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Hello Forum,
I see many reviewers using , what seems to be the same Portable Audio Recorder.
May I please ask,
What is the company and model number?

Also, what software program are they using?
What is the proper name of that software that displays the Frequency /Db graphs
and other features/functions?
Yes, I am ignorant.
I try to do searches, but, I am ignorant when it comes to the proper terms/names to type in..

"Ignorance is not a bad word, but, it does cause a lot of Problems" - Alton Takata

Thanks for viewing..
Alton T :)


Best Answer

  • McInPolkMcInPolk Posts: 18
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    Hello Forum,
    That Portable Recorder is a Zoom H5

    I thought it was a TASCAM ..

    That photo is from seas- lyd's YOU TUBE video.
    I saw the name "Zoom" printed on the recorder in a video he just posted this morning.
    I enjoy seeing his new post of what he has next..

    Thanks for viewing.... :)


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