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Hello, new to the forum. This may be asked and answered, but I have some A9's connected to a vxs-933. When I do the auto MACC they always come out as small. This doesn't makes sense to me as they provide great bass when large. Why is the auto MACC determining they are small. On my old Tammy v473 doing their auto test they came out large. Right now they are small with a set 80hz crossover. Interesting that I have a vsx-1131 also connected to A7s, when I do the MACC they are designated as large. I really don't have high end equip but trying to do the best with what I have. The vsx 933 is HT 5.1 and the vsx 1131 is a 7.1 setup. Thanks for any assistance.


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    You can change it manually to large, it's not a big deal just a matter of preferences. Also adjust the subwoofer, if you have one. There should be a sub+ option that sends lower bass to both the front speakers and the sub.

    BTW- those receivers aren't really strong enough to power those A9's to their optimal levels. A separate amp would wake them up, just a FYI from the cheap seats.
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