Connecting 2 subwoofers, neither with LFE/RCA-out terminals ?

Is there a reason not to connect 2 subwoofers together but different/separate ways from receiver ?

Subwoofer 1: SW Out on receiver to subwoofer 1 LFE port

Subwoofer 2: speaker level line out from receiver to subwoofer 2 and then to a front speaker ?


  • NJ_Guy
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    I ask this because, as stated in subject, I can't connect them to each other. Neither has an Out.
  • pitdogg2
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    When I had my HT I did do just that. My front sub was LFE, my rear sub was speaker cable to the sub then out to the rear speakers using the subs crossover set to just above the low point of the rear speakers so they blended well. My rear speaker were good to 40hz so my sub was set to 60hz on the sub XO. Rear speakers set to large front and center set to small so all was then sent to sub.

    hope this helps
  • civilian
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    Before I had a receiver with 2 sub outs I used an rca splitter to hook up my 2 subs. I level matched them individually using the audyssey initial set up. Then let Audyssey adjust them as normal.
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  • Basie
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    Hi Guys ,It seems to me that my auto command switch on mu Polk sub don't work. How do i connect my sub now to the amp/speakers