Help me identify smd resistors on Signa S2 board


I had a problem with power coming into my house, long story but basically it's a fault of power provider sending me too much voltage. A lot of equipement burnt. I am trying to identify 3 SMD resistors on polk audio SIgna S2 soundbar. The ones marked R22, R23 and R24

Any help is greatly appreciated,



  • nondual
    Board number is 40-polk21-pwe1g
  • F1nut
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    You might try contacting Polk directly as they do not monitor this section. I suspect the best you can expect is for them to sell you a new board.
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  • daddyjt
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    At the very least, you’re going to need a schematic.

    It’s doubtful that the resistors are the only compromised components - usually resistors flaming out are the result of other components failing up-stream...
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