Good Day , new to the group and and recently owning a pair of SRS 3.1 tl's. 1. I have purchased a pair used , received no info with them. Unable to find a wiring diagram that shows me options on using two matching amps ( HK Citation 22). I would like to make use of both amps and wire the 3.1 s with them. New to the " interconnect cable" situation and really do not fully understand how it affects " the common ground " and my inability to use both amplifiers. These amps can be run bridge mono so at first I thought use one per side so far I am hearing not advisable to use a stereo amp bridge mono on each side.Dont know why I run my Crowns that way on my P.A.. However then I thought ok I will biamp the wiring to the speaker and remove the jumpers and run one biamped on the left and one biamped on the left . So do I run into issues with the interconnect cable or do I not use it?

I have also stumbled across people talking about going to the new improved Polk tweeter and refreshing the crossover net work with new caps and resistors. Any experiences you can share on this subject is also appreciated.

Hopefully the day will come where my live sound background can help others in the same way .


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    You must use a Dreadnought or the factory cable for non common ground amps in order to use your amps in mono configuration. Not doing so could fry your amps. You could run monos and not use the interconnect cable but that would defeat the SDA effect. The RDO-198 is the updated tweeter for your speakers and yes updating the caps and resistors in the crossovers will, among other updates, improve sound quality.
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    Three different threads the OP has basically been told the same thing.

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    A single tweeter is no reason to bi-amp. Do you think that one tweeter needs hundreds of watts of power?

    OK so you may be going about this the hard way.
    Give us the amp name and number HK Citation ? what?
    You are not going to find the wiring schematic for this 3.1 speaker as it was the very last SDA ever made at the time. It is not a hard load to amplify. One amp may be more than enough and make you life much easier to get to use these speakers until you gather more knowledge about them. UNLESS you want to keep replacing tweeters or XO components I highly suggest NOT throwing hundreds of watts of power to the tweeters. Either way the stock XO is going to be in use so it is really not achieving much.

    I found this so I'm not sure if the amp is common ground..

    The Citation Twenty-Two actually consists of two separate amplifiers, one for each channel, sharing only the power cord and the chassis. The filter capacitors of each power supply are located close to their associated power transistors, so that the peak energy demands of the amplifier can be met with minimum loss through the connecting wiring. The speaker-output connectors are of a unique design intended to make a positive, long-lasting electrical contact between their gold-plated surfaces and the ends of the speaker wires.
  • How do you test for common ground? Is it as simple as placing an ohmmeter across the negative speaker outputs?
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    How do you test for common ground? Is it as simple as placing an ohmmeter across the negative speaker outputs?

    yes unplugged and no speaker cables.
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    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    I found this so I'm not sure if the amp is common ground..

    Hmmm. Maybe like Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates
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    Look up in Technical/Setup, for this post subject name " I'm the original owner of SDA-1C & finally (30+yr) at the point I can afford a great AMP."
    I had same questions as you. You may find some answers to your questions.

    summary of that post...
    > I bridged two McIntosh MC2300, after verification I had "common ground" them with each other. To date everything is sounding great and still no smoke.

    > I refurbished my SDA 1C crossovers. Total cost of parts ~$550.00. the before and after results justify the expense... besides the Right speaker tweeter freq fix, the overall spectrum of sound quality 100% improved. see pictures of refurb and frequency sweep graph of results.

    > After that post ended... I have since replaced all four tweeters (2ea spkr) with appropriate model number, revised design tweeters for my SDA 1C's.
    I have zero regrets, other the ~$240 and would not go back to listing to the original tweeters, ever.

    > In the future I plan to make speaker mount rings, binding posts, etc... all the other mods...

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