Polk audio sound system for home cinema , bought for 500 quid in May. Satellite speakers have AC powered internal amps but connect to the main sound bar via Bluetooth.
Long term these satellite speakers have always crackled intermittently, I thought this could be rectified with unplugging the connection rubbing to remove static (seemed to work a few times) but now they have given up working completely.
One crackles faintly On one the green light isn’t even coming on.
Like they’ve been croaking and now completely burned out.
Richer Sounds will take it back but they want the whole kit caboodle of course (sound bar and woofer box too) leaving me system less for who knows how many weeks.
First world problems no doubt... But anyone any experience of satellite blue tooth’s behaving thus? I thought it seemed to be a recurring issue but never got confirmation when I contacted Polk a while back. Thanks for reading!


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