Solo Stove Fire

It is a good time to light up the Solo Stove Bonfire, Titan, and Campfire. Since I was at it, lit up the Firebox as well.

Stay Warm and Happy Grilling!




  • msgmsg Posts: 5,155
    "Man burns eyebrows and armhair off playing with fire in his garage. More at 11."

    Can't explain why, but fire's fun and soulful. So are wheeled things. What are those?
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  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 19,104
    I've been thinking about the large one for my firepit
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  • halenhalen Posts: 514
    The wheeled things are SwagTron Electric Swag Cycles. Bought two for wife and I. Used for strolling from my house to the lake and going around at campsites. Bought on a whim and regretted about for months later. Range is around 12 miles same for top speed. I pretty much sold one and gave the other one to the new owners. They go RV’ing a lot. Been looking out for an electric + pedal one with much longer range and higher speeds.

  • halenhalen Posts: 514
    Steve, I believe the new Ranger or Yukon ones are bigger than the Bonfire.

    I do not recommend the Bonfire unless you have no issue with firewood around 6 to 10 inches long. Anything longer would not properly fit. The secondary burn does not occur unless you have firewood covering the entire bottom part of the stove. Even then, the secondary burn lasts maybe a minute. Another thing, you have to stand up to feel the heat. It would have been nice if the height was lower and the width was double.

    As for me, I enjoy making fire from flint or char cloth. It gives me an excuse to constantly grill. Haha

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