MMC 690's no Xover

Ok some advice would be appreciated. I'm upgrading audio in my solara hardtop 2006 (not that it matters) for now I have a decent enough kenwood kd3 excelon single Din HU and I got the JL audio W3 two 10" subs in ported (downfire able) box. But I bought a cheap **** amp from Boss audio on Amazon its an R1100m or something. Monoblock but it's garbage obviously. You get what you pay for but when ur out of money you pay for what you can get. And it sounds ehh.. Decent only bc the subs are nice. But I hVe to run the amp turned way up so even with the volume at 1 or 2 on the HU I still get a ton of bass. Needless to say that has to be addressed. So I've been doing my homework. But that was only after I bought a set of speakers from a friend who said, "thses are what you need" and for $200 I got a pair of Polk MOMO MMC 690's without the face covers, without crossovers. And a pair of Clif Designs 6.5inch component speakers with tweeters, also without crossovers. (my friend supposedly knows his ****, which I'm doubting more as time goes on) but I already spent the $ and the speakers are really actually very respectable. But I've been forced to really try to find out the right way to hook up said speakers to my system using the subs and HU I already have. And I am trying to find the correct amp without spending too much and I need help with that. And since I got no kind of crossovers with the speakers, what ones do I need to get? I'm trying to put power to my MMC 6x9s in my doors (couple) and the cliff's are going in rear deck all using custom brackets I made. I think I want a 5 channel amp but what one? Want to be sure to get proper RMS from it and all that.

Your knowledge and time for your input shared from your personal experience is much appreciated.



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    Note* I have to turn the volume up higher to get desired sound from my stock speakers while bass remains about the same. Just to clarify.. So I don't seem stupid. Those boss amps are scrap metal. Lol I've tuned it differently before but this gets me the overall best sound right now.