Polk S60/S60e 2.5way crossover frequencies

Polk S60 should "allegedly" be a 2.5 way speaker (four-driver phase optimised cascading tapered crossover array).

Top 6.5-inch driver runs like a regular two-way, from low frequencies up to the tweeter. The bottom two drivers also start in the low frequencies but roll off sooner, producing less midrange.
Hypothetical values for crossover frequencies would be:
O tweeter (2.5 - 20kHz)
---- ^
2.5 kHz
O midrange (1 - 2.5kHz)
---- ^
e.g. 1Khz
O woofer (e.g. 0.04 - 1kHz)
O woofer (e.g. 0.04 - 1kHz)

Has anyone managed to measure crossover frequencies for Polk signature S60 / S60e drivers?
Or to confirm that indeed two bottom woofers are reproducing frequencies up to (e.g.) 1kHz, while midrange cone takes over from 1kHz to 2.5kHz?
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