IS there another way around this?

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Ive been doing custom installs for about 6 months now for friends and family (Im 15y.o BTW)and have done Carbon Fiber a few times. But they were tedious because I had to make w.e out of FiberGlass first and use that as a mold for the Hand Laid Carbon Fiber. Is there a simpler way? Going through twice is a pain in the ****, but the end result is just amazing...
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    A direct copy-and-paste from the site of a guy called "Chris"

    The process for laying carbon fiber and fiberglass is exactly the same. Carbon fiber is more expensive than fiberglass, but it is stronger. Most people now use carbon fiber simply for looks, so if you want to make you box look nice, i would suggest making it out of fiberglass or wood, then lay just one layer of carbon fiber on top. Carbon fiber comes in weave matts. If you've ever used a weave matt of fiberglass you know that it comes apart fairly easily. With carbin fiber as your finished layer, if you have any holes in the weave it will show through. As you can imagine, this will be easy to lay on long straight runs, but as you hit curves, it'll become more difficult. I would suggest practicing with some fiberglass weave matt before using CF (since it is so expensive). If you can get the glass weave to look right, go ahead and try with CF. A link related to carbon fiber laying can be found here. You can use regular polyester resin, but most people I see doing CF work use epoxy resin. You can find information on different types of resin's here, and that website also is a large source of carbin fiber matts.

    And a link that may help too:

    is this what you were lookin for?
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