How do I get email notifications / subscribe to a thread?

New guy here, finally signed up after lurking for a while.
I'm wondering how to subscribe to a thread and get email notifications of new replies?
Is it the Star in the top right of each thread?
Thanks for any insight.


  • F1nut
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    You have to go to your profile page to access the various settings.

    That said, your first post promoting your products is in violation of the rules. To sell here you must have 100 posts and anything listed for sale must be posted in the For Sale (FS) Classifieds section without links to another site. The purpose of the classifieds is member to member transactions.
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  • KrautNotRice
    Gotcha, thank you for your help. I'll explore the settings and try to figure it out. Duly noted on the FS rules.
  • KrautNotRice
    Figured it out under Profile > Notification settings. This forum is structured a little different than I'm used to, but I'll get the hang of it.
  • KrautNotRice
    la2vegas wrote: »
    Welcome to the forum, you've got a good product going. You'd be surprised how quickly you can reach the 100 post plateau. Some skirt the rules by posting pictures with little to no importance, perhaps this can be an option.

    Once again welcome and good luck.

    thank you very much!