RC80i vs 80 F/X RT

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Anyone have experience with both of these. Which one would you recommend for real life sounds and durability of the speaker in the long term. Any advantage of the RC80i over the 80/FX RT and vice versa? I know the 80F/X is in the vanishing series, but other than that, is it better than the other unit?


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    The FX is a surround speaker. The RC is more of a direct sound.
    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

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    I have direct experience w/ both of these models - I started w/ the RC80i's in early 2008 (used in previous house), upgraded to TC80i's in late 2010 (previous and current house) and upgraded to the 80F/X RT in 2014 (current house). They have only served as surround L+R speakers so have only seen so much action. They are driven by an Emotiva UPA-7 which only serves SL/SR and SBL/SBR speakers.

    Though it's been a while since the initial upgrade, I felt that the F/X had a slightly better diffused sound than the previous models. I also liked being able to rotate them "just so" to make sure the tweeter pairs were aimed toward the MLP. I didn't really try the different boundary switch positions so can't offer much experience there.

    I will say that after dealing with the push-on/pull-off grilles of the RCs/TCs and the magnetic grilles on the F/X, I'd *never* go back to non-magnetic grilles ever again. When removing the RCs at the previous house for the TCs, the grilles were so tight that I unfortunately damaged them while using a paper clip to help remove them. I did call Polk to complain about it, and they did send me new grilles (thanks, Polk!). Ironically, it was about this time that I thought "Hey, magnetic grilles would be a thousand times better!". Too bad I didn't patent that idea... :)

    Regardless, I think you'd be happy with the F/Xs. I actually will be upgrading my F/X RTs to F/X LS since I recently upgraded my fronts from RTiA7/CSiA6 to LSiM707/LSiM706c. The F/X LS's are sitting in the factory box, waiting for me to get off my a$$ and swap them out. Oh - and all three models use the same cutout size so it's a quick changeout...

    Good luck!
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