Firmware not updating

Anyone suffering from the following?:
The command bar announces that it is updating it's firmware (does this by interrupting whatever is on) and then 10 minutes later it does it again. No update made. Just a continuous loop infuriating announcement. Had to turn off. Started it up again and the same thing is happening...


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    I am having the same issue as well factory reset 3 times and still in a update loop plus arc connection stopped working after 4 months of use, it has now become a basic sound bar which I could have bought at half the price not happy at all. The only way I can use it now is by factory reset then put it in demo mode 1 using optical cable and the Alexa command is turned off. Please will customer service respond to our issues please
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  • Factory reset in command bar should be the same as other Alex devices- press and hold volume down and the mute button on the top of the bar until Alexa says she is resetting
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