not sure where to put this, but: of PS Audio and other Monsters ;)

1. This seems like a reasonable forum to post this (it's about wires, after all).
2. Maybe I missed mention of this, but I haven't seen any -- seemed worthy of mention.

PS Audio (Paul. McGowan) is reporting Monster's demise.

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source:"monster cable"

source:"monster cable"


  • DaveHo
    DaveHo Posts: 3,151
    I've owned some Monster Cable products over the years. Still have a couple pair of M550i interconnects in use in the kid's systems. Not great, but adequate.
    Truthfully, after the crap they pulled suing everybody & anybody who used the word Monster or other cable companies in general they deserve to go **** up. So long!
  • mhardy6647
    mhardy6647 Posts: 28,635
    I think, at this point, that's the consensus, @DaveHo

    I used to use a pair of dump find Monster cables 'twixt my amplifier & my passive 'preamp'... but due to incessant peer pressure, I replaced them with (ultimately) a pair of DIYs made with Mogami shielded cable. :)

    15775285592_f8dc44e7c1_h.jpgDSC_0586 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

    47442002492_20678acc1e_h.jpgDSC_4262 (2) by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

  • joecoulson
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    I like how in the comments section there were folks speaking of how they thought the M cables/etc were good - until they tried and alternative. Which is what I did.

    Everything I have replaced with M on it, has been an upgrade. Not just entry level Monoprice stuff, but also the famed power conditioners.

    In fact - I just had a Monster power strip almost go up in flames last week, I kept it for proof. I should open it up and see what caused it to melt the case it is in.

    So long masters of snake oil.