The 707's and the Marantz 8802

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It's nice when my upstairs neighbors tell me they're going out of town for the weekend B) gives me a chance to play with my set loud as I want!!!

So I learned something new about both my processor and the 707's. Just for grins I was doing A/B comparisons with CD's back and forth between my dedicated CD player and my Bluray player, the ERC3 player from Emotiva set up with balanced connections and my fairly older Oppo 103 is set up with HDMI.

Although the BRP was playing slightly louder than the CDP, I wasn't satisfied with the subtleties between them and started fiddling with the settings in the processor and there I found it: MultEQ XT32 gives me three settings; Reference, L/R Bypass and Flat.

Reference is geared toward movies, Bypass takes MultEQ out of L/R speakers completely and Flat is geared for smaller rooms.

Selecting Bypass is showing me just what kind of bass these 707's have, I mean, man, is there a real live kick drum in my set up now? I'm not kidding, if anyone knows what I'm talking about, it's a kick you literally feel in your chest.

With all the filters removed, the 707 truly is a big speaker with big speaker sound with enough impressive bass, nice tight bass that in a 2ch set up, IMO, a sub really isn't necessary, the 707's hold their own in spades!

Oh yeah, my findings on the two players??!! Oddly enough, the BRP gives a sound stage that is slightly narrower but deeper where the CDP presents a sound stage that is wider and slightly shallower, this is prior to the bypass.

During bypass, the CDP soundstage grew with massive depth where the BRP gained "some" depth but maintained it's narrower sound stage. Over all the CDP gives a better sound.

The song used for A/B comparison was Elton John's "Funeral for a friend/Love lies bleeding" and whether playing the disc from the BRP or the CDP, the sound was AMAZING!

Thanks for allowing me to share!!
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Source: Oppo 103 - Display: Samsung QLED 65F
Pre/Processor: Marantz 8802A - Amplification: Emotiva XPA-DR3, XPA-2 x 2

Emotiva: ERC 3 connected via XLR's

PolkAudio Mains: LSiM707, C-706, SS: 702F/X, RS: RTiA9

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