Best selling Albums over time....Cool link

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The Best Selling Music Albums and Artists 1969 - 2019

Timeline history of most popular music artists from 1969 to 2019 ranked by yearly certified record sales. Numbers are worldwide and adjusted to twelve months trailing average.

Recent years data includes digital singles sales as reported by online music retailers and streaming services. This data aggregates multiple sources and can serve as popularity indicator across different medias such as album sales, radio broadcasting, digital copies sales and online streaming frequency.

Data source: RIAA, IFPI, record companies.

All credits and created by: Data Is Beautiful

This channel is my passion project taking us on a fun trip down memory lane together so we can relive the colorful events we all experienced. I am a first-year PhD student, data geek, who enjoys making visualizations as a hobby. I stumble upon numerous data while I research and I'm happy to share it with you. I read every suggestion you guys post. I appreciate your contributions!

People looking to steal my content: I'm the most pro-sharing type of person. I believe in information being public and accessible. I spend most of my daily hours, working hard digging for interesting data sets. If you want to use my videos elsewhere for educational purposes, drop me a line. For any other usage, you can embed the YouTube player. I am alerted about stolen videos every day thanks to my subscribers. I am actively submitting copyright infringements on YT, FB, IG. Sad.
I encourage you to search for interesting data and create your own unique videos. You'll find it can be fun and rewarding

I hope this works...[EDIT - It did not] One has to click on the link.....still VERY cool...

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    Thanks - that was cool. Watched it twice and made a couple observations:
    1. Michael Jackson owned the sales war.
    2. Music pretty much went to heII in 2001.
    3. Who is “Drake”?
    Too much stuff to keep track of.

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    daddyjt wrote: »
    Thanks - that was cool. Watched it twice and made a couple observations:
    1. Michael Jackson owned the sales war.
    2. Music pretty much went to heII in 2001.
    3. Who is “Drake”?

    It is what it is and ya can't please everyone. All subject to opinion. I used to share yours but not anymore. Expressions even from some of the craziest bands out there are not going to be everyone's cup of tea and I know this. I take away a little from it all and have learned to appreciate it all. That blessing came over some real hard events in my life so while I catorogize styles and even giggle at a few..appreviation is always there ..and the Views ALBUM from Drake is a trip. The song called 9 is a hoot. 😂
    Happy Listening !! 🎶 🎶 🎶
    To the OP.. Thanks and I'll look close later but pretty sure I have the list in my digital collection. If not I will have. 😃
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    Perhaps I was too sweeping in my assessment. Yes, there is a bit of good music coming out now, however most of it is far from making this graphic. I went online after my post last night and listened to a few Drake songs - most definitely not for me, but hey - to each his own. Perhaps more the reason for my surprise with regards to Drake, (as someone who does not remotely follow that particular music scene), is that I would have suspected Kanye or Jaz-z to dominate the genre, as those are the names I consistently hear in passing.

    One other observation I neglected to mention, is the volatility of movement within the chart in the later years. I assume this is due to the transition from physical media to digital, making chart movement far more instantaneous - no more saving up and driving to the record store, instead just download that new song for $1.
    Too much stuff to keep track of.

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    cool link
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    the band idea went kaput in the 2000's for sure...
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    Cool to see visually. Michael Jackson did own the sales there for awhile. Elvis did for a long time as well just staying and hovering in the top 10. You can definitely see when artists came onto the scene and took over.

    I would have to agree that after the 2000s, the top 10 listed are individuals or bands that I really have no interest in. As stated above, it doesn't mean that I don't like any music that was created after 2000, it's just that I don't care for those that are listed as the most popular by sales. The popular music of today just doesn't appeal. This is why I appreciate Amazon Music as I can find artists that make music today that does appeal to what I like to listen to.

    To much music out there to waste time with stuff I don't have any interest in.
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