Pictures of inside the LSIM 703s. (Drilling a hole)

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Hey fellas. New here but I've been peeping a lot of your wisdom on here the last few days.

I picked up 4 LSIM 703s from one of the adorama sales as well as the center channel. Against strong recommendations from Mr. Internet, I'm going to be wall-mounting all 5 of them. 2 front and center on brick, 2 others on studs.

I went with these mounts for the 703s

Unfortunately, the 703s have a taper, so I also bought a bunch of high grip products from amazon to strengthen the clamping.

That's all probably enough, but I'm considering drilling 2 small holes to fully secure the speakers to the mount. I'm planning on using small #4 screws with a small plastic anchor with a little silicone to make it air tight.

What I'm hoping to find is some pictures of the inside of the speakers so that I can make sure I'm not hitting any components.

Thanks if you can help!


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    Well dang. I thought you drilled a hole and took some pictures inside a 703! :p

    Those are some nice mounts. I had a pair I used for a pair of Boston Acoustic VR-M50 speakers pulling rear surround duty in our HT years ago. They are ROCK SOLID. Another option is to secure the 703s to the mounts using some hefty zip ties from the mount to the power port baffle.

    Since my Bostons had chamfered corners on the tops and bottoms, I too was concerned with the clamping area. My speakers actually had some Velcro on the bottoms (previous owner had them Velcro'd to the stands). I put the other half on the mounts and it held them in nicely. Not necessarily recommending slapping Velcro tape on your new LSiM703s, but it might be better than **** into the cabinets...
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    I was gonna suggest rope but zip ties will work. Don't drill em!
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    Yes, Velcro, zip ties, both good ideas. Drilling=bad idea! You would also be surprised how much blue tak or doubel sided mounting tape (for pictures and posters) helps secure the speakers. I think that in addition to the pressure for the side clamps would keep them securely in place.
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    You know what - you guys talked me out of it. I just bought 36" zip ties on amazon and I'll loop it around the frame thing in the back and the underside of the mount. This, with the friction inserts everywhere the speaker touches the mount should be sufficient.


    What exactly did you guys have in mind with the zip ties? What's a power port baffle?

    scubalab wrote: »
    Well dang. I thought you drilled a hole and took some pictures inside a 703! :p

    Got you to click!
    scubalab wrote: »
    better than **** into the ...
    Gotta love what gets censored these days
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    sagrr wrote: »
    What's a power port baffle?


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    I see - That's what my plan was. Thanks
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    I used to have similar mounts and found them to be really nice. Good decision to skip the drilling. I always used Velcro and never had any issues, but the zip ties should well also. Enjoy the new speakers!
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    thanks - can't wait to post some pics when it's done. It's looking really nice
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