Powering my RTiA9 speakers

Would like to bi-amplify my Polks, but curious about power. I have 2 Luxman M-120A amps in the shop getting recapped, but have now aquired a 3rd M-120A. I will be using the recapped amps in BTL for 300 watts and wondered if using the 3rd amp @ 2x120 for the upper section would work. I am looking at another M-120A that is for sale, but curious if 2 amps @ 300 watts per side is just a waste of power. I guess I am wondering if 300 watts to the mid/tweeter array is just stupid overkill. Thanks, MusicinOz


  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 42,966
    Bridged amps have a higher noise floor, not good.

    Without active crossovers you're not really bi-amping.
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  • Thanks sir...answers my question.
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