Grateful Dead Dave's Picks 32 now on sale

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Grateful Dead Dave's Picks 32 just went on sale an hour or two ago so any Dead Heads should go to the GD website,, and order a copy (see link below). These usually sell out in a few hours so act quick before it sells out and prices are then jacked up on the secondary market.

I always get the Dave's Picks annual subscription so did not have to order it today as it will come via my subscription.

Dave's 32 is a great 1973 show from the Philadelphia Spectrum: 3/24/73

Here is a link to the GD website, with info about the new release.


  • pglbookpglbook Posts: 1,761
    edited October 22
    I just got home from work and checked and Dave's Picks 32 is now officially sold out. I told you these sell out fast. According to posts at, it sold out around 5pm.

    The annual subscription is the way to go. You are guaranteed the 4 Dave's Picks for the year, in addition to the Bonus CD (for subscribers only) which comes with the 2nd Dave's picks of that year. All for $100. The 2020 Dave's Picks subscription should be announced soon. It is usually announced around the end of October each year.

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