Centre speakers

Hi I have a naim audio for my hifi but have just purchased an arcam av amp I'm using the ms floorstanders and ms sub but I've been given 2 small ms alumni rears and a ms alumni centre with 3 speakers in the whole bar style centre .I'm extremely baffled though as the centre has 3 sets of inputs instead of 2 do I wire the 3 separately to act as 2 sides and one centre or do they all wire together as one centre.i mainly as as the middle has 2 tweeters either side and the edge ones have a tweeter at each end which makes it look like 3 separate speakers in one or do they all wire up together into the centre output please help I'm totally confused if so surely its gotta be a centre to give the right sound stage as you cnt move them apart and I want my floorstanders as the main fronts ahhh its messing my head up