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I recently purchased a pair of LSiM707's as well as a LSiM706c through the killer deal at
Adorama (A lot of foot traffic walks by the side speakers). My intentions are to eventually upgrade the sides as well as the rears to in-wall speakers. The Polk speakers that are timbre matched to the LSiM series which are the 265-LS retail for $569 each, that's roughly $2276 for the 4 speakers. I'm all about timbre matching my speakers to as close as possible but that is quite a bit of change for side and rear surrounds. As of now I'll be using my FXi30's as sides and my RTi28's as rears. When I do decide to move to in-walls how much of a difference do you think I would notice if I decided to go with something like the Polk 65 RT in-walls? I know they are designed for the newer RTi line but at roughly $229 each, that's $916 for the 4 speakers. Worse case, if I have to I'll just use what I currently have and wait for Adorama to do a killer deal on the 265-LS. Thanks in advance.
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