El Camino releases tonight.



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    Watched it two times.
    One late at night, and then again next day during evening.

    Not a lot happened, but I think that was intentional.
    Great character study!

    Jesse was in a world he no longer had any ties to, nor belonged to.
    He was in essence a ghost, and no longer mattered.

    His life was upside down, over, and yet he still lived.
    It was more like an old western, where he had to tie up loose ends, and then move on.

    To me it was more an epilogue about a mans heart and soul.

    It showed Jesse's inner mindset and what tortured him and he grew and finally was able to make a good choice about how his life must go ....

    Walter white came to terms with his life near the end of the show, and Jesse was able to in this movie.

    The scene with WW in the diner where he asks jesse about what he wants to do with his life...said it all.

    This movie, was not about a build up to action, NOR the action itself, but the emotion and fallout and turmoil created BY the actions of the previous show.

    It was meant so sum up, all the consequences of what had happened.
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    I watched the first episode and stopped....the flashback sequences were annoying and I can only take so much content revolving around the loser lifestyle and bad decisions people make in life.
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