KLH vintage radio mod.............

This summer, as I was out on the bike, I stumbled onto another KLH Model 1 radio at a tag sale for 20 bucks.
It looked like it belonged to a heavy smoker and all, but I just love them.
I took it apart, reconditioned the cabinet and cleaned the electronics, but it ended up not working very well.
It wasn't worth sinking money into, so I decided to make myself a mirror image extra speaker for my other Model 1.
I used the vintage knobs to replace the guitar knobs that were on my radio, then beat feet to JoAnne's fabrics for some brown speaker cloth.
I gutted the radio of it's electronics and capped off all the holes left behind.
I then reassembled the radio and place it up on the shelf across from my Model 1.
They have an extra speaker jack in the back, so I made a speaker cable with an RCA end and used the old antenna terminals to hook up the new speaker.
It sounds great !


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