Should I replace caps/res's in my Monitor 7c's?

I have a pair of Monitor 7c's circa 1987. They sound great to me. Maybe a slight crackle at very certain frequencies/volumes in the left speaker. I can't get that to happen consistently, and it may have just been a bad CD rip I was listening to when it happened. Or wire connection got loose over time. Visual inspection of caps and res's looks really good, no corrosion or wear at all really.

How often do components look great but actually need to be replaced? I'm not sure how to tell when it's time to pull the trigger and do it.

Would having a multimeter help "diagnose" the components at all?

Thanks polkertons


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    No need to check anything, your caps are WAY pass their lifespan. Replace the resistors while you're in there. Sonicap Gen I capacitors and Mills resistors will make your speakers sing like you never knew they could.
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    Agreed. Replace them. I replaced the caps in my Monitor 5JRs with cheap Dayton's and the difference is stunning. So you do not need to spend a lot of coin for expensive caps in order to see a marked improvement.
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    Yes. I used Jantzen caps with great results.
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