Nice B&K ST 2140 power amp 140w/ch

I am selling a B&K ST 2140 power amp. it is in excellent condition and works as it should . Includes copy of manual and power cord. The 2140 is one my 2 favorite B&K amps. I have come across Reference 2200 so this must go. There are many excellent reviews online. I thunk one pro review calls at a stunning bargain. The 2140 puts out 140 into 8 ohms and 180 into 4 ohms ohms with 30 amps current. The one has both RCA inputs and balanced inputs.Again t is in excellent shape and works perfectly. It is also quiet on shut down and start up. Some are not. The sound is more neutral then earlier B&k amps and more transparent yet there is a fullness to it. Very well built at 31lbs. and nice looking. Located in MN and would be well packed (double boxed) for shipping My packing is excellent. Asking a very fair $295


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