My 2B journey continues

Afew months ago I picked up a pair of SDA 2B (b/b) off of FB marketplace for not much coin. I inmediatly found this place and following a bunch of sound advice I got started upgrading them. Details can be found here

I picked up the cs400i that was fs here with mismatched tweeters (1 installed 1 extra). While it was on it's way to me I found a csi40 on my local craigslist for 40 bucks. So I now have both. The csi40 fits my entertainment center better and I think I like the sound better so for now it is doing center channel duty and the 400 is in the closet with a pair of rt16 and two fx500i (30 bucks on cl) waiting for the right time to set up a ht space.

I was surprised by the sound of the csi40. I really expected to like the 400 better, but maybe the mismatched tweet is throwing me off.

I did purchase a marantz NR1509 which is running the center and passing L/R to my hca1500. It sounds miles better than the HK I started with, but still a long way to go. I am ready to put a little more time/money in to thus project so I have a few options I would like advice on.

CL has two options I am interested in:
Option 1 NAD C729bee integrated amp. Pick this up, convert the living room to 2 or 2.1, move the marantz to the spare room to set up a HT space with rt16, cs400i, fx500i.

Option 2 pick up this Marantz AV550 to start the HT. Its dirt cheap and includes a remote. Unless its garbage this seems like a no brainer.

Or I could start collecting all the components to do a full crossover rebuild. Looks like 450 +t- will get this done. 8 week lead time for the connectors on the board. I have no patience and this would be a strect now anyway. Maybe order the boards and connectors now and the rest in a few months?

I also need to address my sources. currently using my old laptop (hdmi to the NR1509) and an xbox one (yikes!) for cd playback. Amazon music is available in my reciever (256 aac).

I know this is far from an ideal set up. My main question is where the money would be best spent? Thanks in advance! I look forward to continuing the journey....
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