TungSol 5687 Tubes - 4

Anyone interested in a quad of 5687 pre-amplifier tubes? All tested, one NOS and the others Strong. I bought these at the same time but didn’t quite notice the labels. I’m using Tube Depot as a reference in price @ $30/each.

Since the NOS is the only one checked as such, I’ll just consider it as also Strong for simplicity.

5300 92
4490 82

5010 92
5000 92

5400 100
5360 99

4700 87
6060 112

All D getter, BLK plate. All appear to be from the ‘50’s. Includes secure, rock solid shipping.



  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,436
    Tube Depot is $49.95/each. I didn’t word the original post very well.
  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,436
    I know it’s not quite a common tube but perfect for a Tube Cube.
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 22,585
    ahh -- I looked 'em up, since I had no idea... :)
  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,436
    LOL. I’ve been trying to figure out what I bought them FOR. I can only guess it was something from overseas.
  • MrBuhlMrBuhl Posts: 2,427
    I have a quad in TS 5687 bronze plate as well, these were used in the Dodd Dual Mono 50w for one, fantastic sounding tubes IMO. GLWTS!
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  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,436
    Thanks MrBuhl😀!
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