More amps Parasound, Adcom, NAD

More amps for your power pleasure . As I mentioned before I am trying to help an older collector get rid of his gear. I think he bought anything he could find I take all responsibility for the gear and have used everything and checked it out. My rating are conservative based on Agon and US audio scales.

I am trying to price things reasonably I hope and am not into trying to make money on a friend. I am just trying to help him I came home the other day and my wife announced 9 amps had been dropped off. That is on top of the previous 7 three months ago. it is all good stuff. Like a candy store.

NAD 218THX 225 w/channel high current in very nice shape I would go with 7/10 As balanced inputs and can be bridged. conservatively Works as it should and includes copy of the manual Sounds a little like a tube amp to me Asking $450 or BO

Parasound HCA 1200 II 200 per channel into 8 ohms 315 into 4 ohms with 57 amps peak current Has input level controls I would rate it 6/10 with a few scratches but nothing bad. Includes copy of the manual and power cord. Asking $395 or BO

Pair of Adcom GFA 565 mono units. Both are in nice shape and one works as it should the other has an issue

Number one Has been serviced and had several items replaced to the tune of over $400
Asking $475 or BO

Number two works but one heat sink gets hot and then it stops putting out from one of the paisr of output terminals Needs service Not sure what to do here $195??





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