Nice Aragon amps 4004 or 4004 MK II

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I am selling a pair of Aragon power amps . You have a choice of either a 4004 OR a 4004 MK II Both in great shape and they both work as they should.

As I mentioned before I am trying to help an older collector get rid of his gear. I think he bought anything he could find I take all responsibility for the gear and have used everything and checked it out. My rating are conservative based on Agon and US audio scales.
I am trying to price things reasonably I hope and am not into trying to make money on a friend. I am just trying to help him I came home the other day and my wife announced 9 amps had been dropped off. That is on top of the previous 7 three months ago. it is all good stuff. Like a candy store.

The 4004 is probably and conservative 8/10 Am asking $525 or BO
The 4004 MKII has a few light scratches on it. I would go 7/10 conservatively Still looks great Asking $575 or BO

Include copy of owners manual and power cord. See pictures They are very heavy and will be double boxed for shipping which buyer pays.

Aragon was started in the early 1980′s by Mondial Designs in New York, USA. The Aragon 4004 was designed by Dan D'Agostino of Krell fame and has the reputation as "the poor man's Krell." It delivers grainless extended highs and very solid low end with excellent timbre.

The 200 watt per channel contains two separate mono amplifiers in a single chassis. A pair of high-efficiency, heavy duty torodial power transformers whose low hum fields, relatively light weight and compact dimensions make it possible to install this amplifier on a shelf adjacent to other components. Yet, it delivers all the power possible from a standard 15 amp AC line.

POWER OUPUT 8 200-watts by 2-channels
POWER OUTPUT 4 400-watts by 2-channels




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