Rega P10 announced

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Forget the hype around the Schiit Sol, the Rega P10 is finally here:

Obviously they are in whole different worlds on the vinyl spectrum, but these two seem to be the biggest announcements in vinyl the past few months. For anyone that's been waiting for the P10's arrive, your time has come. But more importantly, based on historic sales if you've been considering a P8, you might be able to move on an old stock RP10 for not too much more. The Rega clearance sales are killer if you're interested in one of their outgoing models.
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    Have inquired with my local dealer - he is awaiting response from TSO on pricing.
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    Very nice. Slick looking dust cover as well. I'd certainly like to try a Rega TT and phono preamp together!

    Bigger photo:

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    It’s a beautiful piece. And the rega tt/phono/cart synergy is fantastic. Really loving my P6/ania/fono setup. Simple and sounds great
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    Is it pronounced "Ray-guh" or "Ree-guh"?
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    ... and/or is it a hard "g" or a soft "g"?

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    Rega makes awesome tables period!

    But I'm a die hard Pro-Ject man! I have bought 2 of the tables and love my TT from them. so I hope these are special as competition makes us stronger..and we all win in the end!
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    My local dealer pronounced it ray-guh. John Darko pronounced it ree-guh in a podcast. So I’m not sure, but it reminds me of the several pronunciations of “jaguar.”
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    I’ve known & called my Rega (P3) as ray-guh w/a hard “G” since the mid 80s.

    Side note: about a year ago I read a review on a tone arm that, if ya hafta ask “how much?”, you can’t afford it. Anyway in the course of his dissertation he tossed Rega a kudu alluding to comparable SQ of the RB300 arm. Just sayin’

    PS: shopping for MC cartridge for that Rega
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