BDTBDT Posts: 212, I got a couple of issues here.

One being I want to simplify the HT rig. Navigating the HT rig for TLW is cumbersome....and I get that. Plus, hooking up decent speakers to an AVR is a lousy compromise all the way around.......

So, pour moi, a surround bar for the TV and just hook the main speakers up to a decent amp for music (which we listen to a good bit) seems to be a tempting option.

The devil being in the details......the original sound bars, for lack of a better term, sucked. (Sorry Polk....). So, my question for my Polk Pals....has the sound evolved for the better? I'm not looking for separates quality sound but at least a reasonable HT experience.

The Magnifi MAX seems to look like it might be a good option......Thoughts?



  • erniejadeerniejade Posts: 5,390
    I heard the max at bestbuy. I thought it sounded darn good. I see the referbished on ebay for reasonable prices
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    Check out Yamaha all in one solution. I have two of them around the house. It’s not the big system but for what they are they fit the need well.
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    I totally get your situation @BDT. Two thoughts (none on a sound bar sorry 😐): first, I use a Logitech harmony remote and that simplifies everything. If my 11 year old and 7 year old can use it, well I won’t say anything else...🤣
    Other thought: if I was going to go this route I would much rather get powered monitors? At least they would sound d a lot better and ya e much better stereo separation???
    Something like these perhaps? And you could add a small sub for movies:
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