New install - rear surround without side and ATMOS

I have limited placement options for side speakers, but room for my RTi-8s behind the main viewing area.

It 'seems' to work OK setup like this, but does anybody know why none of the system give you that setup option?
Meaning I set them as side speakers but they are actually directly behind us.

I am looking at the option to mount some side speakers but not sure if I can pull that off yet.

Also, I have the option of using some of the Atmos speakers that set on top of your mains.
Like these :

What has your experience been with them?
IS Atmos worth investing in in general?


  • jruderjruder Posts: 26
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    Update on this:
    It looks like I will be able to mount a pair of Bose 301's on either side.

    So, I have a 9 channel receiver (Marantz 6013).

    Any suggestions on how to best utilize this receiver for this setup?
    I also have an external amp that I am driving the front speakers with, so I *think* I can now use the receiver in a 11 channel mode.
  • I am guessing not a lot of Atmos adopters here yet due to the lack of opinions.

  • EmlynEmlyn Posts: 2,621
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    Forum experience with a mix-n-match Polk/Klipsch/Bose system? Probably not. :)

    I would not bother with side surrounds. It's possible to have a great surround system with five speakers only.

    Klipsch Atmos modules may or may not be optimal with RTi series speakers. A pair would only be needed for the main speakers. There is also a Klipsch forum. You may want to ask there for opinions on how well their modules work in a system. Polk has not had an Atmos option until the Legend line, other than doing an in-ceiling install.
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