Shunyata Research Venom PS8, Venom Defender and Venom HC cable

Will sell as a package only. The sum of the parts work together to perform an affordable power protection system. All pieces are new, never used. I was keeping as a backup to my PS Audio P5 and P12 products. Time to let go to someone who will use it.

Venom PS8 Power Strip
Shunyata's Venom PS8 power strip will revolutionize the way you hear music. At this price, PS8 brings outstanding power distribution to thousands of listeners that previously couldn't afford prior Shunyata products and refused to compromise with competitors' lesser-made models. In terms of looks, quality, value, and performance, PS8 outclasses every other under-$2k product in its class. It uses the same SR-Z1 outlets, is internally-wired with Shunyata's high-purity OFE C10100 Copper, and the same 20-Amp IEC as Shunyata's benchmark-setting HYDRA Triton power conditioner. That's right: Reference-level technology, premium materials, and Shunyata's renowned performance for a very affordable price.

Developed using Shunyata's DTCD Analysis tool, PS8 is designed for three different applications: Home-theater systems (particularly those with multiple amplifiers), existing reference-grade power-system expansion (here are the extra outlets for your existing power conditioners), and purist audiophile setups (power distribution without surge protection or noise filtration). Its superior contacts and outlets--combined with a breaker that provides lower noise and exceptional high-current performance--mean your components will perform at maximum levels when plugged into this wonderfully narrow device.

Venom Defender
The world's only outboard pocket-sized power conditioner, Shunyata Venom Defender is the only product in its field that provides both supreme protection and noise isolation by plugging directly into a wall outlet. A plug-in version of the MPDA 30-Element power conditioning used in Triton's "pocket power conditioner," it eliminates the need for an extra power cord, internal wiring, outlets, breakers, coils, or shelf space. Because it does so much for such little cost, a Defender should be used in every outlet into which you plug electronics. Put one wherever you have computers, all A/V devices, and any portable electronics. Can be plugged into the first outlet of the PS8 power strip.

Venom HC cable
At its core, Venom HC is a custom-molded ultra-high current power cord that was designed using Shunyata's exclusive DTCD measurement analysis. The Venom HC is similar in appearance and construction to the Venom 3, however new custom molded connectors were designed to accommodate the significantly larger conductors. The massive clear-molded AC connectors showcase the internal termination quality and heavy gauge solid brass contacts. The outline of the Venom HC's massive, spiraling OFC conductors can be seen under the extremely flexible dark blue outer jacket. If your system demands require a high-current power cable, there is no better value in high-performance audio than the Venom HC.

New I paid +1500. Asking $1099 plus fees (PayPal and shipping to ConUS)


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