Polk Monitor series 2 M5JR vintage speakers

vulcanvulcan Posts: 52
Looking for a small set of speakers and saw these locally for sale. I have some of the larger model Polk SDA speakers and have enjoy the sound from them.
They have the spring type speaker terminals connections which I dont really care for. Parts Express has some similar replacement type with the gold binding posts that use banana connectors. Not sure of the fitment yet, they have two sizes, a 3" and 4".
I need something inexpensive and these are $100. Also I believe these have
the updated SL2500 tweeters and not the early Silver domes. I am going to be using them with a Yamaha RX-730 receiver about 70w per @8 ohms.
Anyone have any experience with the small Polk 5jr speakers and sound?
Thanks and appreciate your advice!
SDA 1C- Vr3 Mods/ Gimpod, Larry's rings, RDO194 tweeters, etc.


  • vulcanvulcan Posts: 52
    SDA 1C- Vr3 Mods/ Gimpod, Larry's rings, RDO194 tweeters, etc.
  • la2vegasla2vegas Posts: 3,594
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    Ah, the dreaded spring clips. These were my first purchase in the somewhat vintage Polks. They're surprisingly good sounding little speakers, although lacking in the bass department. add a small sealed sub and use them in a small bedroom or office and they'll fit the bill quite well.

    PS, the bottom speaker in the second picture is another model all together. I believe a monitor 4.5 or something close to that.
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,654
    Love my 5jr+, fill the kitchen, and a pair in my girl's studio do quite well. A great investment for smaller spaces.
  • boston1450boston1450 Posts: 6,323
    Nice speakers. Those tweeter might be upgradable to RD0198 "drop in" replacements. I enjoyed some & just ran clean wire with no issues
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  • vulcanvulcan Posts: 52
    I found some Monitor 5 Series 2 speakers yesterday for $95. They have the traditional round terminal cups with the binding posts, also consecutive serial numbered, and 8" passives, SL2500 tweeters. Drivers all look ok. They are a little rough, one cab has scratches. The Polk logo emblem has broken on one grill. Plan on hooking them up today for a listen, but need some better speaker wire. Will be doing the crossovers soon. Unable to find the wiring schematic for the 5 series 2 model. anybody know where the schematic located, also is the finish a oak or walnut? thanks for any advice
    or suggestions in advance.

    SDA 1C- Vr3 Mods/ Gimpod, Larry's rings, RDO194 tweeters, etc.
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    Pull a crossover, the values are printed on the components.

    That's vinyl on your speakers.
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