Monitor 7 Identification

I love my Polk Monitor 7s! I’ve scoured quite a lot trying to figure out exactly what they are. 7c is my best guess.

Original SL-2000s and MW-6502s from ‘87, no fuse.

Thoughts? Thanks!sst1jcvtihxp.jpeg


  • boston1450boston1450 Posts: 6,671
    I think the difference is the bevel edge around the front edge of cabinet. Maybe the badge on the grill too. Not sure that helps
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  • boston1450boston1450 Posts: 6,671
    The other model has a flat edge iirc
    Randy/Maine .. SDA-CRS+TL-RTA15TL-Cs1000p
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    7C. Replace those nasty SL2000 tweeters and you'll like them even more.
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  • Great to have a confirmation F1, and my next move down the line is gonna be those rd-0194s. I’m psyched.

    Boston, that’s what I was thinking. Nice to have some backup.

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  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,858
    I was under the impression that the 7Cs were series 2 and had the sl2500 tweeters...
  • skrolskrol Posts: 2,907
    Nope, The Monitor 7 Series 2 was the follow-on to the Monitor 7C. The 7C used the SL-2000 "fish eye" tweeter while the Series 2 used the textile dome SL-2500 tweeter. The Series 2 marked the end of the line of the vintage Monitor series. They were replaced by the "S" series.

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    Learn something new every day...
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