Nice Hafler DH 500 power amp later version

Selling a very nice Hafler DH 500 power amp This is the later version with the nicer looking face with the reflective center. The beast puts out 255 wats per channel and a lot more into low impedance loads. The amp works as it should Fan comes on at low speed on start up and the front light and relay work and the sound as one would expect is musical and pure Hafler. I used to sell Hafler back in the day when I worked in the audio bizz Good stuff Makes a lot of gear now sound sterile and unmusical. It is in very nice shape There are two marks on the top edge of the front plate and one scratch as well as couple of scratches on top See pictures. The amp does look sharp overall. I have noticed these units can and do sell for way more then I am asking Asking $495 Thanks

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