Am I the only "audiophile" who was naive of this? (

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So -- there was a recent discussion on AA's 'Critics' Corner' forum about registering for Stereophile's newsletter.

One of the posts to the thread basically said (I am paraphrasing liberally :*), "Why bother when you can peruse 'The Daily Audiophile'?" :)

It is a very cool digest of a number of 'audiophile' newsletters and blogs, with links to even more sites (sans abstracted article links).

Actually a pretty handy one-stop shop for such stuff. :)

Well, I thought so, anyway.

My apologies if everyone in the hifi universe knew about this but me!



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    Had no idea. Thanks mh!
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    De nada.

    So, OK, cool -- there were at least two of us, then!

  • BlueFoxBlueFox Posts: 13,666
    Never heard of it. I spend too much time already online. If my print subscription to Stereophile and/or Absolute Sound go away then I will look online.
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    Today is a good day because I learned something.
    Thank you.
  • SIHABSIHAB Posts: 1,712
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    actually I forgot about it. it is pretty awesome.
    Thanks for the refresh!
  • EmlynEmlyn Posts: 2,676
    I was not aware of that. Thanks!

    There is a lot there. Maybe a bit too much considering some of the sites linked to are a bit “superficial” compared to the more professional ones.

    Great and thorough review of the SVS SB 3000 on Stereophile.
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    Thanks Mark! I was not aware. Aware of this site for sure, or that I'm an Audiophile. Am I? Probably not. Yet. :)
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    I've been visiting this site for years.. its a great site when you're looking waste time.
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  • kevhed72kevhed72 Posts: 4,265
    I know....or knew....nothing!
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