Quad ESL 988's....READ

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Ok, so I've had these things sitting for a few years.

The good.....these are destination speakers. If you are in to planars...you owe it to yourself to spend time with Quads.

The bad. One has a bad panel.....I had the panels on one replaced a few years ago and the other started going bad a few years after that. I just unplugged them and set them aside.

There are folks that do the repairs.....the guy I used is in Raleigh NC and he's still there.

As-Is. 800 bucks.

Fixed, 1800. (at the outside, the repairs are 1000. Could be less...last time around it was 600 for the other speaker)

I don't have boxes anymore so it's local pick up only in Charleston SC or I'd be willing to deliver a reasonable distance for a ham sandwich and glass of tea.

Any interest??


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